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Some would say that I am a lucky man. I would agree with them.  I work in hospitality and have done so since I was a young man.

Working in hospitality offers many benefits. You work with people from around the world and you are able to meet and see people from around the world. I really like watching someone who has traveled a long distance and may be dog tired arrive at the hotel to simply find everything is just as they had planned. Their room is ready when they arrive, (if they arrive after 3:00 pm) guest service agent is pleasant and helpful with good information on the property and the surrounding area.

Personally, I like to check in, unpack and then set out and explore the city when I am traveling. I might even stop into the lounge with my wife and get some more information on places to do and see while I am there.  This, however, is my activity when I travel somewhere.  Working in hospitality offers some very good opportunities as well and one of my favorite things to do is have lunch either with clients or other people who I work with. I also like to take pictures of my food, yes I am that guy. “hold on, don’t touch that yet. Wait I need that shot for my Instagram.  Jestferlaffs Instagram For this post I wanted to post some of the images of food that I have been able to shoot most of these images are from C|Prime Modern Italian Steak and Wine

Veal Scallopini C Prime

This little beauty was the Veal Scalopine and it was as delicious and tender as it looks in the image. Marsala + Sauteed Wild Mushrooms and Roasted New Potatoes. I could eat this every day but I might find it difficult to get into my pants after awhile. #yummy #tasty #delicious #tender #mouthwatering

IMG_0176 This is my go to lunch drink #Cranberry & #Soda light and refreshing. A little later in the day I like to head down and try some of the “Grape Juice” behind this drink #wine

c-prime-hamburger I am not sure if this would be considered an Italian Hamburger, but if it is, take me to Italy cause Damn!

7 oz. Angus Beef Burger + Cheddar + Canadian Bacon #mmmmmmmmBacon and the unusual addition of Guacamole.  The #Guacamole makes this burger. Of course, it wouldn’t be a burger without #Fries and this meal has a perfect portion of fries. Love this!



Linguini + Prawns + San Marzano Tomatoes + Rose Sauce #Fresh #Pasta #homemade daily. The sauce is perfect for dipping your #foccacia #bread if you have any left over.

These noodles made daily are cooked until all the flavour is at the optimum. Sorry, #Catelli but never again.

I will be posting some more images in the coming weeks and months so I hope you enjoy and come back often. Send your friends to the blog and then go try out C|Prime Modern Italian Steak and Wine.  You will be glad you did.


Work History of Matthew Lynam

I have worked for the majority of my adult working life in hospitality except for that year I worked in an abattoir during the week and delivered Propane on weekends, that was a special time.

I started working at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort a houseman responsible for setting up all meetings and banquets. When the hotel didn’t have meetings or events then it was the cleaning of the property.

From Houseman I moved onto shipping and receiving, accounting office as a food and beverage cost controller, laundry man, busboy, café / coffee bar and finally ending up in the sales office.

From Harrison Hot Springs Resort it was onto The Harrison Beach Hotel as General Manager responsible for all aspects of the property.

The city called and I was fortunate to learn about the brand “Kimpton Hotels” in Vancouver – The Pacific Palisades Hotel & Zin Restaurant and Lounge were my introduction to working in Vancouver.  I would travel from each morning for the 5 years that I worked there. The Pacific Palisades Hotel closed down after the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.

From The Pacific Palisades I moved onto a family run hotel in the heart of Vancouver. The Hotel also plays host to  Beyond Coffee and

Who knows what the future holds, but until I Find out I look forward to eating another Hamburger like this.

A Minor Hockey Story

The story of a boy and his ability to recognize his skill set


It was etched in ink on the counter of the bathroom.
“My brother Joe is the best hockey player in the world.”
At the time I was about nine years old. Even at nine I knew that statement wasn’t true.

There was Davey Keon  Dave Keon and Henri Richard, henri richard

for starters. Sure, they were older than me, and they both played in the NHL for the Leafs and the Canadiens, while I was in Pee Wee league in Port Alberni playing centre for the Alberni MHA Generals. And sure, we had just beaten the AMHA Aces 4-2 to take over top spot in the PeeWee league at the Christmas break, and yes, I had scored a goal on a scramble in front of the crease and assisted on the eventual winner. But still, there must be at least a hundred players in the world better than me in 1964.

I also…

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A Lynam Family Christmas

A Lynam Family Christmas Dinner

Mom at her new home December 14th 2014

Mom at her new home December 14th 2014

My Dad passed away in February 2000 it was not a surprise to the family and we were all able to say our good-byes as we crowded around his hospital bed.

There were some things that took place after my Dad passed away. Mom got much more involved in various community groups from the Royal Canadian Legion to the Catholic Women’s League. I think she was a board member of both groups and really enjoyed that challenge.

One of the most important things that Mom was a part of was being involved in the creation of the new kitchen at the church hall and having her say about how things in that kitchen were being designed. Mom knew her way around a kitchen, and it was important to her that she was a able to give input.

The Lynam Christmases were traditionally a noisy, fun affair we spoke loudly because in a family of 8 kids it was sometimes hard to be heard and we all really wanted to be heard so we would speak over each other and interrupt. (We still do)

The first Christmas after Dad was gone was somehow just a little more hollow we still had this amazing dinner created by my Mom a bunch of adult children coming home getting dressed up and commiserating and going on about this amazing dinner.

The dinner a very large turkey with all the fixings, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turnips, carrots brussel sprouts, salad, gravy, cranberry sauce, pickles and plenty of gala wine. The dinner was again flawless but just without Dad sharing the head of the table with Mom.

Mom looked around at her grown children. I am not sure what she was thinking-maybe something like-why am I still doing this? I heard her say to herself. “Next year will be different, next Christmas is going to mean something”

Mom was always a very kind person and she really cared for others. As a testament to Moms character she would “take things in” – case in point Robbie the Crow who was knocked out of his nest as a baby or the little runt of a pig that she nursed to health when the chance of it living was slim to none.

Mom always treated any of the stray animals or friends we brought home with tenderness and kindness. She had a wonderful sense of humour and to this day nothing makes us happier than to hear her laugh.

Mom decided that next year she would provide a Christmas dinner for people in Agassiz who are alone over the holidays. The plan was hatched and things started to happen.

Mom reserved the Legion hall in Agassiz at no cost to her because of the kindness that she was bestowing on the community.

We spent the first two years preparing the meal at the Royal Canadian Legion followed by three more years at the Catholic Church – St. Anthony of Padua

Each year Mom purchased a very big turkey, I think there was also a smoked ham on the menu. An advertisement was placed in the local newspaper advising of a traditional Lynam Family Christmas to be held on Christmas day and to contact Merle Lynam to RSVP.

Christmas eve the bird was prepped as best as it could be and at 4 or 5 in the morning Lorena or Mom (maybe both of them) lovingly placed Tom the Turkey into the oven of the hall kitchen and the day began.

The Work crew consisted of my brothers and sisters, their significant others, as well as our children. We all began the chore of preparing the grand feast.

Lorena who was the most skilled of the bunch of us in the kitchen took control and made sure that everyone had something to do.

I peeled carrots and potatoes others cooked and prepped, timing was everything had to be ready at the same time or the quality of the meal would suffer we placed pickles on trays and crackers on plates. The kids decorated the tables with cedar bows and flowers.

Guests started arriving around 1:30 pm and dinner started at 2:00 pm. All who came into the hall were given a glass of wine because Christmas dinner without a glass of wine would just be un-civilized.

We lined up behind the food stations and started dishing out the requested dish, I remember our children were all involved with this process and I couldn’t help but think what a great experience this was for them to see this gift of Christmas. Ben was given a hard time from some elderly fellow because he didn’t provide enough mashed potatoes.

We had a great deal of support from the community. I think the newspaper placed the ad for free, Loris Catering supplied us with chafing units for the food, including the sterno for heating the units,. We gave of our time because this was Mom’s gift to the community and we were so pleased to help her out.

After the dinner we then had to clean the hall and pack things away – it was a long day and at the end of it 6:00 pm we were completely exhausted. it felt like midnight. I remember watching Lorena drag her ass into her house at the end of the day. it was a lot of work and we were tired but we felt that we had accomplished something. We made sure that we had the hall booked again for next years dinner and began to discuss things that we could do to make the whole experience smoother in year two.

Mom was so proud of what we had accomplished for her and for what she could do for those who might have been alone at Christmas. She was as proud of us as we were of her. This herculean task- a speck of an idea one year earlier -happened because of her diligence and caring for the community that she loved.

We ran the Lynam Family Christmas for the next 5 or 6 years while Mom was well enough to be a part of the event.  A beautiful transition was after the first year or two Mom left us alone in the kitchen to make things happen and she visited with our invited guests and became the host to a very special event.

Mom didn’t do this for recognition or to raise her status in the community she did it because she wanted to give back in the best way she knew how-

A Lynam family Christmas Dinner.


The Klien; The Youngest; The Baby of the Family; Last Born

This story really made me think about Families and connecting and realizations that we go through in our lives.
Its a beautiful story.


When people learn how many brothers and sisters there are in my family, there is inevitably the follow up questions: Do you get along? Did you fight? Where do you fit?

When people learn I am the youngest a whole new set of questions follow. You’re the baby? Whats the age difference? What was it like? And of course the dreaded-you must have been spoiled.

As a kid, this last question perplexed me. I never thought of myself as spoiled. I think this reaction got me considering from a pretty early age that the youngest child had some significance and I should pay attention to what that might be. My Dad came from a large family. The youngest of his siblings, Matilda, was fascinating to me. She was nothing like me but someone I wished to be like. She was talented, lively, funny and could play the piano and sing…

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The Long Embrace

Friday November 21 2014

It’s interesting how discussions about seemingly innocuous things can trigger a memory. I was speaking with Naomi about life altering events. Maybe not life altering events at the time but things that either of us witnessed that maybe changed the way we looked at our world when we were younger. This particular event had more of an impact on me later in life then it did at the time, but it did have an impact.

I have a very strong memory about my parents in 1979 I was 16 years old and it was the fall the days were getting shorter and the light was fading from the sky earlier then only a few months before.The longer coats had been brought out and the head warming hats had been placed upon heads.

It was a bit of a scary time in my parents’ lives because dad had been diagnosed with throat cancer and was going through radiation treatments to shrink the tumor or to completely eradicate it.

Dad had smoked for many years but he had quit probably 20 years before he got this diagnosis. I recall the redness on Dads’ neck from the burning radiation and the fact that he couldn’t talk outside of a whisper.

A gruff scratchy whisper, the kind of whisper where you find yourself clearing your own throat in the hope that it would clear the other throat.

Since Dad was forbidden to speak by his Dr. there was always a notepad around and Dad would write notes when he needed things so he didn’t have to speak and cause more stress on his throat, the notes were for numerous things like “crib” if he wanted to play a game or “dishes” or maybe “get me a beer” the notes were hardest to read when he was pissed off at you and trying to give you hell for something or other that needed to be done.

I think Mom was equally worried because this was serious stuff and there was a real possibility things would not go well. You wouldn’t know she was worried because Mom was always pretty calm and didn’t outwardly freak out about things.

On the evening in question I remember that I was watching TV Mom and Dad were not home because they had gone to the cancer clinic for a radiation treatment. I was the only one at home at the time. As the car pulled into the driveway I remember looking outside as Mom parked and Dad got out and walked around the back of the car and he grabbed Mom and wrapped his arms around her and he hugged her and then kissed her.

This was not the usual kiss that we might see at special events like Christmas. The old peck on the cheek or the quick peck on the lips. This was the real deal, something that I don’t ever remember seeing again thank goodness. It is strange to think back on it now and try to understand what both Dad and Mom were going through.

They came into the house and went right down the hall barely saying hello – I didn’t see them the rest of the night.

I cannot imagine what was going through my Dads’ mind at that time or my Moms’ for that matter but what I saw made me realize that they loved each other deeply.

Through the years they were not overly demonstrative in their affection but in this one speck in time I saw love and fear and passion. I don’t really think I understood that as I saw it but I figured it out.

Hallowe’en Moon

It’s that time of year again when the wee ones dress up as Princesses and Iron Man to wander the streets with their parents in


Hallowe’en Moon

A wee gypsy girl, just 8 years old, walks down a dark street.  She wears a long skirt and shawl over her warm coat and rubber overshoes.  A bit of lipstick paints pink roses on her cheeks and lips.  Her blonde hair is concealed under a bright scarf.  It is Hallowe’en and she is out prowling for candy.

Everyone at home is sick with a fever.  She had it too, a few days before, but she is well enough that she could go to school on Hallowe’en day for the fun school costume party.  She had missed days and days of school work and her nice teacher showed her what pages she needed to do in her Arithmetic Workbook and what words she needed to learn for Spelling.  The teacher was about to give her a bit more work, but she saw the little barely-well gypsy girl and…

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1 Year

Its been a year for Ogmundson Stories, take a read.


Its been a full year of stories!  Thank you to all the contributors to our little site.  It has exceeded my expectations.  I think we have all enjoyed tapping into our story telling talents.  The writing has been fun, the reading even more so.  We have 80 funny, touching and interesting stories posted with over 11,000 views.  Its been fun watching the site stats;  Kristin certainly has a knack for tagging a story for optimum google search results.  Who knew so many people needed information about salal.

The site will stay open.  Who knows what kind of stories are lurking.  I hope that when a story strikes again, you continue to share your gems.

For fun-here are our top 20 most viewed stories:

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Smoked Salmon Refrigerator Fire

My dad was not an inventor. As far as I could tell Dad wasn’t really passionate about anything, he just built things that were needed around the house. He built a shelving unit to hold the TV and various knick knacks including several hand made spoon holders.

You could say that my dad was handy and he put his knowledge to good use. One of the things my dad made was a smoker. Like everyone else in the family dad loved smoked salmon but we rarely had it because we didn’t have a smoker and it was costly to buy.

I was around 14 years of age when dad came up with one of his better ideas. We were starting to get our yearly Salmon quota from our first nations connection and we had an older fridge that was no longer used to keep things cold.

Dad with the help of one of my older brothers moved the ole fridge into the gully behind the house and set to work getting the salmon prepped for smoking. Filleted salmon, corse kosher salt, brown sugar and maple syrup.

Dad oiled the shelves and laid out the salmon on the shelves ready to smoke. His idea was to put the electric coil hot plate in the bottom of the fridge and then place the container holding the moist cherry wood on top of the burner and let the smoke slowly fill the fridge and smoke that salmon perfectly.

It was a good idea too as a couple of hours later there was lots of smoke pouring out of the smoker and then there was a couple of licks of flames coming out of the bottom of the fridge/smoker and within a few minutes the whole fridge was enveloped in flames and dad had to run out back with the garden hose to put out the fire out.

Needless to say we did not have smoked salmon that night and dad came to the conclusion that the container holding the wood might have worked better if it wasn’t an old plastic ice cream bucket.

This was not the fridge that was used but same make and model