Childhood Stories

Originally my idea was to have my siblings and I share our stories of growing up in a small town Agassiz BC in a house built by my father.

Currently the stories are all from Matthew but I am expecting very big things from my brothers and sisters because I know they all have their own stories and their own perspectives on life in a small town.

Some of the stories will be funny, some passionate and maybe even a few painful remembrances but all truthful to the best of our recollection.

Stories will come along sporadically and without any real direction, I would hope that my family finds their writing tools and places childhood stories in here.

This is what I was going for in the way of a family blog, this is a phenomenal bunch of writers who tell stories that are poignant,real and sometimes so bloody funny you find yourself laughing in the strangest of places.  One of the stories had me tearing up in a coffee shop and another one where I almost couldn’t breath because I was laughing so hard.  Check out Ogmundson Stories.

Matthew Lynam

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